9 Apps That Pay You to Workout (Seriously!)


You may have the desire to workout but sometimes you need just a little extra motivation to get to the gym or lace up your running shoes. What if you were paid for your healthy exercise and eating habits? One of the hottest trends in health and fitness is apps that pay you for your healthy choices. Earn back what you’re paying for a gym membership or make a little extra money for that occasional treat.

It can be as simple as downloading an app on your phone and taking a walk. Check in at the gym or use a Fitbit to track your calories burned.

Not all health and fitness goals are created equal, so discover which of these nine apps that pay you to workout is the best fit for you. Then start sweating – and earning!

1. Achievement

When you sync Achievement to your GPS app and devices, Apple Health, and even your social media accounts, earn points on every step you take, every time you weigh yourself, and even every time you Tweet about something health related. For every 10,000 points you earn, Achievement sends you $10. That’s it. They have additional ways to earn points through taking surveys and reading research articles, too. Depending on your habits and activity level it can take a long time to earn those 10,000 points but it’s fun to watch them add up day by day.

2. Charity Miles

Put your sweat to work for a good cause. Every time you go for a walk, run, or bike ride, activate Charity Miles on your phone. For every mile you bank, one of their corporate sponsors donates money to the organization of your choice. Charity Miles is partnered with over 40 organizations worldwide that support nature preservation, medical research, veterans, children’s causes, and more.

3. DietBet

Put your money where your mouth is. With DietBet, players place bets on their own weight loss. Make sure you reach your goals so you don’t lose your money. DietBet has several ongoing challenges for different goals and you can set up your own friends and family group. If you keep up your end of the bargain by eating right and working out, you win cash.

4. Ebates / Rakuten

Ebates is now Rakuten, but they offer the same deals and cash back when you shop. With Rakuten, earn either a specific amount or a percentage of your purchase when you buy gym memberships, weight-loss programs, sports equipment, and workout clothes. Rakuten has everything you need to start on your fitness journey, plus puts a little extra money in your pocket.

5. FitCoin

Connect FitCoin to Apple Health, Garmin, Fitbit, or other fitness trackers, and earn cryptocurrency with every calorie you burn. Turn those calories into purchases from the FitCoin store, which features gift cards to Amazon, Lulu Lemon, Nike, and more. You don’t have to work hard, but the harder you do the faster those calories will burn and add up to some sweet rewards.

6. GymPact

Formerly known as PACT, GymPact helps you keep the commitment you made to yourself when you signed up for a gym membership. If having already spent the money isn’t incentive enough, GymPact pays you for checking in at gyms, yoga studios, swimming pools – anywhere you go for a workout. If you skip a workout, you pay them. But if you go, the pool from those who skipped workouts gets divided between everyone who kept their pacts.

7. HealthyWage

Make a wager on your weight loss with HealthyWage and win big if you meet your goals. Join one of their challenges or start your own group with family and friends. When your own money is on the line, the motivation to stick with your fitness program increases and you could double your money at the end. A bet on your health should be a sure thing.

8. Higi

If you’ve ever taken your blood pressure at one of those machines in the pharmacy or grocery store, then you’ve probably seen Higi. What you might not know is that Higi is more than just blood pressure. Through their app you can track a variety of health and fitness goals and earn prizes through wellness challenges.

9. Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin pays you in cryptocurrency for every step you take, whether it’s walking the dog, a stroll on the beach, or running a marathon. Check in on the value of your Sweatcoin collection regularly and cash out through PayPal when the price is right. It’s so easy there’s no reason not to try it.

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