20 Best Apps for Selling Your Stuff Online


Are you stumped with how to sell your unwanted items online, but hesitant to simply throw things away without attempting to earn a profit? Chances are, your unwanted materials can be worth a pretty penny.

Perhaps you’ve recently undergone a cleaning spree, and you’re left with items that no longer serve your family’s needs. From outgrown clothes, to toys, to technology, many items may be worth a great deal. After all, it’s true that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure!

Why Should I Use a Selling App?

While it’s true that garage sales can turn unwanted items into cash, many people no longer have the time to devote to organizing these events. If you’re interested in skipping the organizing and labeling, online selling may be for you. This not only opens up your market, but it’s often more convenient than the traditional approach. You’ll experience benefits like:

  • A wider audience of people who will see your listings
  • A quicker turnaround time for things in your personal stockpile
  • A chance to build an online seller account with rated reviews

The Best Online Apps for Selling Your Stuff


The terms “eBay” and “online selling” are almost unanimous! As one of the most widely recognizable names in the industry, eBay is a widely-used front for sales. eBay operates a traditional website and a mobile app that allows for quick uploads on the go. You can sell everything from clothes, to cosmetics, to cars!

On eBay, you can sell both new and used items in a bid-style auction or at a fixed price. Determine shipping, and then list for a set time. Within the app, you can monitor how many watchers each item has and use the inbox for questions.

Make sure to keep in mind that some listing or final purchase fees may be associated with your final sale. While these are minimal, they may influence an item’s starting point.

Amazon Seller Marketplace

The Amazon Seller Marketplace is another recognizable name. Once you’ve registered as a seller, you’ll follow a simple routine to get your items onto the main site. When you list products, be sure to note what condition each item is in. Amazon encourages high-quality images and accurate product descriptions to help buyers make better purchases.

Once an item sells, you can ship individually or make use of Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), a service that takes the hassle out of the shipping process. For payment, Amazon regularly deposits earnings into a seller’s bank account.

Facebook Marketplace or Buy/Sell Groups

The Facebook Marketplace is another great way to sell your stuff online. The Marketplace allows you to select your zip code so that you can reach local buyers. By using the location feature, you meet, sell, and exchange goods with nearby individuals.

From the Facebook app, you can view and manage available listings. The app will allow potential buyers to effortlessly contact you via Facebook messenger to organize a sale.

Facebook groups are another effective option. Although you may have to request membership, private groups are a great way to post your unwanted items locally.

CPlus (for Craigslist)

Since Craigslist doesn’t have an app of its own, CPlus provides a workaround in the form of a third-party app, which has been rated the number 1 Craigslist app for both Apple and Android.

If you don’t have an existing Craigslist account, the first step in the sign-up process is to create one. In-app posting provides a simplified way to create new classifieds for buying, selling, and renting. CPlus also allows you to search multiple cities to open up your potential audience and to expand your market.


The VarageSale motto is “Sell Simply, Buy Safely.” Created by a stay-at-home mom, the app creates safe and secure selling opportunities. It’s a trusted space for millions of sellers around the country and is available on both the iTunes and Google Play stores.

To sell, you’ll need to get verified by connecting your account to your Facebook account. This helps administrators confirm your identity. After you list your items, you can conduct direct transactions with other trusted and confirmed individuals in your community.

Prices start low so that buyers can find the best bargains! Since this is a virtual yard sale experience, you should set your sights on cleaning out unwanted stock and making the sale fast, rather than bringing in large chunks of change.


The 5miles app is a great find for users looking to sell stuff online. To get started with 5miles, all you need to do is snap a photo, provide an item description, and set your price. The app uses your phone’s location services to cast a wide net and reach local buyers and sellers in the area.

Concerned about safety? 5miles is a great option for those looking for additional security. Users can confirm their identity through a phone number or through Facebook. The in-app messaging system keeps contact information secure and private. Additionally, the 5miles support team works relentlessly to ensure that items for sale are legitimate.

Wish Local

The Wish Local app is an extension of the Wish.com website that provides a simple platform to buy and sell local items. While Wish.com is an open marketplace for sellers worldwide, Wish Local trims down on the location so that you’re targeting local buyers in your area.

Wish Local prides itself on providing bargains and best deals so that prices are kept low. All transactions are managed through communications directly between the buyer and seller within the app platform.


Mercari is an app that goes by the motto: “Sell or Buy. Almost anything.” A quick look at the app shows popular categories like men and women’s clothing, goods for kids, home and vintage items, beauty products, technology products, sports equipment, and even handmade goods. If you have a wide variety of things to sell, Mercari may be the app for you!

To sell an item, register in the app and create your listing by adding a photo and short description. You’ll also set your price directly within the app. Once your item sells, Mercari will send you a prepaid shipping label which you can quickly print and use to package and send your item to the buyer.

Join over 100 million users and use Mercari to add your items to over 100,000 items listed for sale each and every day!


Letgo is an online app that has over 75 million downloads and hundreds of millions listings, making it one of the fastest growing apps for selling your stuff online. With advanced technology and smart design, the app is expertly branded and easy to use for any seller.

Letgo promotes trust and safety for all users. They have a committed team in place to answer any transaction questions, and they strongly encourage meeting in safe, open places. In-app chat features allow you to discuss sales with buyers in a secure environment. You can even access other users’ profiles to see their ratings and reviews.


OfferUp is another app that prides itself on user trust and dependability. The app was founded by new fathers who found themselves with material items that they no longer wanted. As part of their story, they encourage app users to purge spaces of unwanted goods and connect with others. Although designed for selling, there’s a neighborhood engagement aspect of the OfferUp mission.

As one of the largest mobile marketplaces, OfferUp was voted “App of the Year” by Geekwire and maintains its status as a top 3 selling app in the shopping category for mobile app users.

Sellers can receive secure messages within the app to help determine a final price and a place to meet to make transactions. On average, posting an item for sale takes less than 30 seconds!


The Vinted app is all about decluttering your closet. Once you create a Vinted profile, you can easily create free listings with photos snapped directly from your phone. Good descriptions and price points ensure that clothes sell quickly. Once an item sells, Vinted provides a prepaid shipping label. Users are encouraged to package sold items neatly and creatively to make the buying experience fun.

Earnings are deposited into a user’s Vinted Wallet and are readily available for withdrawal. One benefit of Vinted is that selling is free! Although buyers pay a service fee, sellers can list and sell without transaction penalties.


Looking for a way to monetize your outdated tech products? Gazelle may be the perfect fit for you! You never have to worry about simply throwing away old tech again.

Gazelle accepts items like iPhones, Samsung phones, iPads, tablets, computers, and other devices. It takes less than a minute to get an offer through Gazelle. After you accept, Gazelle offers free shipping for items valued at over $1. Users are paid quickly by Amazon gift cards, PayPal transactions, or paper checks.

Gazelle has over 12,000 positive reviews, making it a trustworthy way to reap the benefits of trading in old technology.


ThredUp is the known as the largest online consignment and thrift store, and for good reason! They have thousands of unique name-brand items for incredible prices.

Their unique selling experience is different than selling person-to-person, which might make this a desirable way to do a closet purge. Once you register, you’ll receive a pre-stamped bag in the mail. Sellers are encouraged to drop in high-quality apparel, handbags, shoes, and accessories send it back easily to ThredUp.

Once received, ThredUp processes items and awards sellers either store credit or cash. ThredUp has a system for ranking items as either upfront payout (high demand), consignment (longer selling process), or luxe (high-end designer brands). How your items are categorized influences how much payout you’ll receive.


Poshmark is an app for the style-conscious seller. With Poshmark, sellers gain access to a community of users looking for the perfect bargains on high-end clothing. While Poshmark is a great platform for designer goods, sellers have the ability to list anything off-brand as well.

Listings can be created right from your phone in as little as 60 seconds. The app offers its own camera feature to allow for easy uploads. Poshmark encourages sharing through others apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, but users can also gain a quick following in the app.

Poshmark generates a pre-paid shipping label, and sellers have a few business days to pack and ship their items. Earnings are deposited into a seller’s account and can be withdrawn through direct deposit or via check.


Carousell is a worldwide platform for selling unwanted goods. From cars to fashion, Carousell promises a large scope of things to sell and browse. Sellers can quickly sign up for the site using Facebook or email.

One unique feature of the Carousell platform is the Groups feature. Users can buy and sell within groups of friends or other individuals with similar interest. This allows users to choose a niche and focus selling to communities that care about the same things, or that are looking for similar items.For new sellers, Carousell even has a dedicated team of staff members who help to make the selling process easier and more efficient.


Decluttr is another great selling option for users looking to get rid of unwanted tech items. The app has a pristine reputation and has paid out over $250 million to over 4 million customers. It’s even been featured on Good Morning America, ABC News, and TechRadar.

Simply search through your tech and select the make, model, and condition of your item. The app even offers a free barcode scanner to make this process easier.

To submit items, simply package and download a free shipping label found in the seller Welcome Pack. Packaged items are accepted at local UPS stores. Once the item is received, sellers can choose direct deposit, PayPal, or paper check for payout. Charitable donations are also an option if the seller wishes to transfer the balance to a charity of choice.


Shpock is known as “the boot sale app for beautiful things.” The app allows users to quickly connect with others in similar neighborhoods, leading to fast sales and simplified transactions.

Using Shpock is a straightforward process, similar to many other local selling apps. Shpcok’s registration process confirms identities through Facebook, Google, email, and SMS to prevent any spam or false listings. Selling is as simple as taking a picture, settling on an appropriate and realistic price point, and agreeing to a sale amount with a buyer.

Yard Sale Helper

Yard Sale Helper is an app geared toward those with busy schedules. It makes buying and selling from the convenience of home easy! Yard Sale Helper recognizes two types of sellers: those who just need quick cash, and those who prefer to make a steady income. The app supports both types of sellers on their mission to turn goods into cash, without the hassle of organizing a full yard sale.

Traditional Yard Sale Apps

If you are interested in taking the traditional yard sale route, make sure you don’t do so without leveraging some available technology! As more people use apps to plan their scavenging adventures, you should ensure that your household is included and that your most in-demand items are highlighted.


Yardsales.com is an easy way to find garage, estate, and moving sales in your area. Simply enter your city and then choose a search radius to find the available sales nearby. To sell, sign up for a Yardsales.com account and take advantage of being listed in a broad social network of sellers.

Yard Sale Treasure Map

The Yard Sale Treasure Map app syncs directly with Craigslist. If you’ve listed your community or home sale on the Craigslist platform, the Treasure Map app automatically finds your sale and lists it as an available destination. As long as your address is listed correctly, the app will find your home and add your sale as a point on a wide-ranging map of available stops.

Top 5 Tips for Using Apps To Sell Your Used Stuff

There are a few things you can do to stay organized. By following these steps, you’ll be able to sell quickly. As a result, your earnings will go up substantially!

  1. Keep available items stored in a central location. This cuts down on clutter and signals what’s readily for sale.
  2. Make sure that your stock is organized to easily locate items that sell.
  3. Have postage at the ready for fast shipping and payout
  4. Keep track of any incoming cash so that you can watch your earnings stack up!
  5. Be aware of any charges or fees associated with your seller accounts.

Ready To Maximize Your Earning Potential?

As you can see, utilizing the most recent apps and online tools can take your selling to the next level. There’s no need to let unwanted items collect dust around your home! Sort through your neglected items, and then refer back to our Top 20 list to find the app that’s best for you. You’re sure to find an easy method for putting cash back in your wallet!

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