How to Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards


When you think of your online one-stop-shop for just about everything on your shopping list, chances are that Amazon is most often what comes to mind. From clothing to groceries to home decor to used books, you can find what you need at great prices – and often with free shipping. 

And using free gift cards as you shop sweetens the deal even more. 

While you could wait till your birthday or Christmas to get those great gift cards to save on your spending, there are things you can do right now to get those great Amazon gift cards for free. 

Often, all you need is just a laptop or mobile device and an internet connection.

Ways to Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards 

As you get started in earning free Amazon gift cards, here’s a quick list of great resources. With these ideas, spending just a few minutes of your time can turn into a free Amazon shopping spree. 

Earn Cash Back (And More) With Ibotta 

When it comes to useful cashback mobile apps, Ibotta often rises to the top of the list. And now, you can earn a free Amazon gift card just by signing up for an account. In addition to this promotion, you can also earn cashback on so many of your purchases, just by uploading your receipt with eligible items. Once you accumulate some cashback in your account, you can redeem that cash for Amazon gift cards to use online. Amazon is also a partner retailer, which means you can save even more by using the Ibotta app with Amazon. 

Answer Surveys and Get Rewarded With Swagbucks 

Do you like sharing your opinion about anything and everything? Swagbucks allows you to perform easy tasks like answering surveys, searching the Internet and doing your online shopping and get rewarded for all of it. As you accumulate points, you can trade them in for great gift cards, including to Amazon. Earn rewards for what you do anyway and get closer to that free Amazon order. 

You can also check out other great survey sites like Inbox Dollars, Harris Poll Online, Opinion Outpost and many more. When you begin accumulating points from answering surveys, you can redeem them for free Amazon gift cards quickly and easily. 

Trade-In and Earn with Amazon 

If you’re looking to get rid of your unwanted items, consider trading them in on Amazon. You’ll be rewarded an amount that you can redeem with an Amazon gift card to use on those items you really want. 

Rack Up Free Rewards as You Shop with MyPoints 

Earn free Amazon gift cards just for spending at eligible stores. MyPoints works by providing you cashback when you shop at big-name retailers like Macy’s, Walmart, Lowe’s and even Amazon, too. As you accumulate rewards, you’ll be able to redeem those points for free gift cards so you can continue your love for shopping on Amazon. 

Earn in Multiple Ways with Shopkick 

Like other mobile savings apps, Shopkick allows you to perform tasks to earn rewards that can be redeemed for free Amazon gift cards. With this user-friendly app, you can earn points by visiting store locations, viewing products and items online and even just watching eligible videos on their platform. You don’t even have to make any purchases in order to receive the rewards. Shopkick can be a great way to add to your Amazon account in your spare time. 

Add to Your Amazon Balance with Drop 

Whatever you tend to spend your money on, you may be able to earn cash rewards with the mobile-friendly app Drop. From booking flights to ordering food for delivery, using Drop as you make your purchases can get you free Amazon gift cards, maybe without you even realizing it. 

Start Your Amazon Order for Less

Shopping on Amazon can be a fun endeavor. It can also be cheap when you earn and use free gift cards. Earning free gift cards to Amazon can be an entertaining way to save as you take surveys, watch videos and explore more of these helpful platforms. Use these strategies in combination with other coupons and savings, like with Amazon Prime accounts, to maximize your money-saving potential. 

Try out some of these easy ideas to earn Amazon gift cards for yourself for the next time you fill up your online cart.

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