40 Fast & Honest Ways To Make Money Online


Earning money isn’t just for the frequent scheduled shifts or 9-5 jobs. The internet and technology has transformed the way we communicate, innovate and even the way we earn money. With the connectivity of the internet, you can add some extra cash in your pocket.

Whatever your skill level or interests, you can find ways to work right from the comfort of your own home to earn some extra income. Perhaps you’ve got bills that need to be paid and savings that need to be earned, fast. You can move forward financially all by working online.

Whether you’re looking for a little extra spending money or need to take a step in getting out of debt, you can find options that work for you just by pulling out your computer, tablet or smartphone. But with so many opportunities to engage in online work, how do you know where to start? Here we provide 40 legitimate ways you can make money fast, all while working at home.

Ready to add some extra cash to your account? Let’s get started.

Apps and Websites

With the power of connection with the internet, there are several mobile apps and websites that make it faster and easier than ever to make a little bit of cash, fast. These platforms are free to use and vary in the amount of earnings you can receive for your work. Particularly with these methods, it’s easy to work on several avenues, looking for tasks and opportunities you can complete, to maximize your overall earnings.


Many people have quick projects that they just don’t want to do or don’t have the time to complete them. Through the service TaskRabbit, you can help people complete their tasks and get paid for doing them. You can look up and connect with clients online and complete requested jobs, including everything from furniture installation to cleaning. While many of the tasks are completed in-person, the online platform allows you to connect right from your own home.

Inbox Dollars

Have a few minutes to complete quick and easy tasks? With Inbox Dollars, you can earn extra cash by doing simple activities and sharing your feedback. Take surveys and share your thoughts and experiences about a product or idea. Play games and activities that can be fun. You can even get rewarded as you shop online and make purchases. They also include a $5 sign-up bonus so you can start earning the moment you join.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

This crowdsourcing marketplace through Amazon allows users to complete small and quick assignments. Called human intelligence tasks, these usually take only minutes to complete and have a low pay. But, as you gain speed in your ability to complete tasks, you can continue to grow your earnings through this easy-to-use earning platform. This services provides convenience for you to complete tasks where it works for you, and clients get their needed tasks checked off.


Surveys are just the start for this rewards-racking site. Earn “Swagbucks” for engaging with the site regularly through answering surveys, watching videos, shopping online, making searches and much more. You’ll get to redeem your “Swagbucks” for great gift card options to use on your next shopping trip.

Survey Junkie

Like other survey sites, Survey Junkie allows you to earn some cash while you answer survey questions about yourself and your opinions. By answering questions that brands want to know, you’ll help them create a better product and can help make a difference in the market.


Similar to Swagbucks and Survey Junkie, MyPoints rewards you for taking polls and surveys on their platform. There’s also a special bonus offer for when you complete your first five surveys, so you can earn an extra $5 fast and easy.


If you’ve got a talent for writing, editing, web development, marketing or a host of other skills, Upwork may be the platform for you. This freelancer marketplace makes it safe and easy for independent workers to find job assignments with clients.


Like TaskRabbit, Fiverr is a freelancing platform where you can complete simple to more involved projects as one-off contracts. Fiverr gets its name from having many job offerings starting at $5 a task, and when you complete several of them, you can really add up that income. You can find tasks to complete on a variety of areas, from writing to web design to running errands.


Do you love to organize, sort and categorize data? CloudFactory allows you to partner with companies to stay up to date on their files and stay organized so they can succeed. As a participant, you’ll complete these easy tasks, and get paid for your work. This service is designed to get companies off the ground, so as you work, you’re also supporting growing businesses.

Sell Online

Have things to sell? You can do so quickly and easily through these convenient online platforms. Whether it’s with items you’ve flipped or your own unique creations, you can sell them all through online sites, all right from your own home.


Craigslist is a great source to sell your furniture, gently used clothes, vehicles and so much more. You can also look up jobs and other short-term assignments through Craigslist. Since the site takes your location into account, you’ll be selling and servicing people right in your community. However, given its variety in sellers and buyers, be sure you do your due diligence in confirming the validity of your transaction. While it’s a safe platform, it’s always important to be smart about presenting your products and services.


If you love making crafts, home decor, clothing items and cards, you can turn a profit on your creations through selling them on Etsy. This e-commerce site focuses on handmade and vintage items, as well as several other categories. Etsy allows you to turn your hobby into a side gig.


Have some collectibles you don’t want or flipped items you’ve recently revamped? eBay is a hot spot for selling items through an auction-style transaction. If you’ve got something to sell, chances are you can sell it through eBay.


If you’ve got high quality photographs you’ve taken, sell them for general use on sites like Shutterstock. Unlike free stock photo sites, Shutterstock requires users to pay for the photos they want to use. You as the photographer are rewarded for choosing to gain exposure about your skills through paid photo sites.


From used books to new products, you can sell a lot of goods online. With a greater percentage of shopping happening online, you can meet the needs of customers and grow a profit for yourself. Becoming an Amazon seller has easy steps in place so you can get on your way to making a profit on how you want.


Have old phones or other tech devices lying around that you’re not using? Sell them online through sites like Gazelle. You can trade in your devices for cash or gift cards easily by shipping them in or using one of their convenient kiosks.


Wondering what to do with that clarinet you played in middle school band or the acoustic guitar you haven’t got around to learning? With sites like Sparkplug, you can rent those unused musical instruments and get cash fast. You can set your own rates and rent with confidence with their security resources.


Time to do some cleaning? Sell your unused and unwanted DVDs, CDs, video games, Blu-Ray discs and other electronics for cash through Decluttr. The app also makes it very easy to discover a selling price for your item just by scanning the barcode of the item.

Rent your car

If you don’t drive much but still have a vehicle in your driveway or parking lot, you can also rent your car to other drivers who are in need of one for a period of time. Through sites like Turo or Getaround, offer your car for use and get paid for it.

Rent out your room

Do you have an empty room in your home and want to use it to make a little extra cash? Try posting the opportunity on Airbnb to provide accommodation options for travelers.

Sell your gift cards

With some gift cards you receive, it really is just the thought that counts. You might have random gift cards lying around that you don’t plan on cashing in any time soon. If you know you’re not going to redeem them yourself, try selling them on CardPool. While you won’t get the full value that you originally received the card for, selling it online and getting a little bit of cash for it is better than nothing. Exchange your gift card for what you actually find valuable – cash.


If you have a talent for creating logos or graphics through various platforms, you can sell those designs for part of the earnings. With CafePress, you can submit your ideas and design concepts to organizations who want to use them. Pay attention to what’s trending and interesting to others and create and present your ideas. This site works similarly to Etsy as you sell trending items audiences demand.

Use Your Experience

You’ve worked hard to get to where you’re at in life. You’ve accumulated years of skills and experiences and are equipped to share what you know with others who want to hear it. Put your experience and knowledge to work with these ways to share what you know.

Develop a Blog

If you have a platform to share and love to write, a successful blog can bring you some extra income. Establishing and growing a blog does take a little bit of time. But once it’s out there, earning extra income through your blog can be quick and easy. An important thing to remember as you establish a blog is the importance of providing value for the reader. Write about something that you are interested in and that others are interested in as well.

Earning extra cash through a blog can come through affiliate marketing and promotions. Through this, you partner with organizations and businesses who want to place ads and engage in other promotional mentions. The hope is to gain additional exposure and brand awareness through your blog’s followers. With a little bit of legwork, you can create a popular blog, share your ideas and insights and have a potential of earning a little extra cash while you do it.

Offer consulting and coaching services

Have some business experience you can share with others to help them thrive? Create a side hustle of consulting or coaching and offer your services to businesses, organizations and individuals. If you establish your credibility, people may be willing to pay to learn from you.

Be a virtual assistant

If you’re good at organizing, keeping track of dates and times and making important notes, a virtual assistant may be your perfect fit for earning a little extra income in working from home. Through freelance sites like Upwork, you can easily find postings for organizations or individuals looking for an assistant to take care of important responsibilities.

Teach and tutor online

If you have experience or a passion for teaching, check out how you can work with online tutoring sites to increase your earnings. Through sites like Chegg Tutors and others, you can help students thrive in their education by sharing your love for learning and teaching. You can pick the subjects you want to tutor in and choose when you want to be available to work.

Teach English online

With English being one of the dominant languages in the world, helping others learn the language can help them get ahead and achieve their goals. Like online tutoring, teaching English online is an easy way to share your skills right in the comfort of your own home. You’ll get to connect with students and guide them in the language learning process.

Create Educational Courses

The learning platform has grown online with opportunities for students and instructors to share knowledge through the internet. If you have a subject area you’re proficient in and have the video recording experience to share it, you can create educational courses online, through sites like Udemy. Students pay to access top quality videos taught by knowledgeable instructors like you. Share your knowledge and help others learn.


Reach your fitness goals while earning a little extra cash with tools like AchieveMint. This platform allows you to get paid for making healthy lifestyle choices. Stay accountable to what you’ve committed yourself to and get rewarded for it, too. Not only do you have a way to keep track of your healthy lifestyle, you’ll also get to contribute to up and coming research that can help others in the future.

Plan Trips for Others

Through freelancing sites, you can plan dream vacations and get paid. From hotels to airfare pricing to exciting excursions that meet the needs of clients, trip planning can be a fun activity. If you have a knack for determining details and planning excursions, this side hustle may be a great option for you.  

Launch a Podcast

From businesses to influential leaders to your average thinker with something to say and stories to tell, it seems like anyone can have a podcast. If you have experience and knowledge in how audio recording works, or are willing to put in the time to learn, you can launch a podcast and monetize it with affiliate marketing and sponsorships. Share your ideas, get subscribers and turn your hobby into a side hustle.

Run a Webinar

Like a podcast, a webinar allows you to share your knowledge and experience in an online platform that’s convenient for viewers, and for you. Pick a topic you’re proficient in, promote your idea and charge a price for attending your webinar.

Offer Ratings

Everyone has an opinion about something. Put your thoughts to work in posting reviews on sites like Yelp. Make comments on popular blogs and websites. Once you develop your credible platform, you may get paid to submit your recommendations, feedback and other thoughts based on your extensive industry experience.


With so much of financial and accounting tasks completed online, you can service an organization with bookkeeping tasks right from home. Particularly with QuickBooks experience, you can complete one-off projects or develop an ongoing relationship with a client in meeting their financial and accounting project needs.


Many can write. Not all can write efficiently and completely. Help authors, bloggers and other organizations with their writing in serving as an editor to their work. Even if you’re not a professional editor, with a love for language and writing skills, this opportunity may be for you. Find gigs through freelancing sites and get to editing.

Manage Social Media

With so many platforms for organizations to be present on, maintaining social media accounts consistently and completely takes time and effort. If you’re skilled in social media management and promoting people, causes and organizations through these platforms, use your skills to help others in offering your services as a social media manager. With an all-online platform, you can do your work right from home and get to earning a little extra cash.

Answer Questions

Do you consider yourself an expert in a particular field? With online sites like JustAnswer, you can use your knowledge and experience in a specific industry to share answers to users questions and concerns. By accurately and consistently answering questions, you could generate a small bit of cash once you’re established as credible.

Get rewarded for your spending and earnings

Is it possible to earn money while spending money? With these websites and apps, you can get a little extra cash back in your pocket. Whether it’s savings before you spend or after, you can accumulate rewards and earnings based on how you utilize your money.

Get credit card rewards

If you have a credit card, you can already be on your way to earning back impressive rewards on your purchases. Check out the details on your card to find out how you can earn cash back, travel miles, hotel bonuses and much more. If you’re looking for a new credit card, many companies have sign-up bonuses and other special perks for when you first join.


Rebates on stores are great, but what if you could earn a rebate on even more of your purchases? With the Ebates app and website, you can find coupons, promo codes and more deals quickly and easily on many common online and in-store purchases.

Become a Lender

With peer-to-peer lending, you can partner with others in providing a loan. With resources like Lending Club, you can earn a greater profit in collecting interest on the loan. Be sure to do your research and preparation before jumping into a lending opportunity just to earn a little interest. You’ll only really earn money is when your client actually pays what they owe.

Customer or employee referrals

At work or at your favorite retailer or client, check to see if you can get rewarded by referring your friends and family. Earn rewards for who you know and for your valuable influence in making strong recommendations.


Earn Online, On Your Time

Getting a little extra cash in your bank account or wallet isn’t limited to an in-person part-time job. With these 40 opportunities and side hustles, you can make money fast, all in the comfort of your own home. Using your experiences, resources, talents and other unused finds around the house, you can turn what you have into cash. Regardless of your experience level or skills, you can find a way to earn money quickly and easily.

For many of these ways to make money fast, you can combine your efforts and engage in multiple platforms to be most effective. By working through several methods, you can grow your small earnings to make a big difference in your monthly budget. Find the platforms that work for you and get to earning.


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