How to Get Paid Taking Online Surveys for Cash


In today’s online world, it’s easy to earn a little extra cash just by going digital. One of the easiest and most accessible ways to earn online is by taking online surveys for cash. 

That’s right – you can get paid cash just to share your opinion and information. What you have to say and the experience you communicate carries a value that businesses and industry leaders want to know about. 

In this guide, we share the value of getting paid just to take surveys and some top resources you can use to start earning right now. 

Why Get Paid With Online Surveys? 

Your opinion matters. As an experienced consumer, businesses and organizations want to know what piques your interest and aligns with your lifestyle preferences. Often how they do that is by market research, including surveys. 

These surveys ask you about things related to your lifestyle, such as buying habits, hobbies, personal style preferences and much more. Depending on your location, your profile on the online survey site and previous responses, you may be eligible for some surveys and not others. 

To help make things easier for you, there are several sites that offer a large collection of surveys you can take and get paid for sharing your information. With both website platforms and mobile apps, you can access these surveys from wherever you are, whenever you want to join in. 

While you might not get rich with online surveys with lower payout amounts, it is a great opportunity to earn a little extra cash on the side. Use your survey earnings to save up for something special or work toward cutting down your debt. The easy accessibility feature of taking online surveys makes it a convenient way to earn on the go and set your own schedule of when you want to take surveys. 

As you explore your opportunities, remember to be on the lookout for potential scams with online surveys. Most often, these require you to pay or put something upfront prior to taking the survey. While many sites are legitimate and reputable, like the ones below, use your online common sense and wisdom when joining surveys online. 

Top Ways to Get Paid Cash for Online Surveys 

With online surveys, you can get paid cash for sharing your honest opinion and feedback. Here are some of the top sites you can join in earning with online surveys. These five sites and apps vary in payout rewards and opportunities but can be combined to help you earn a little extra cash for just sharing what you know and think. 


With an easy-to-use platform and smooth navigation, Swagbucks often ranks toward the top of best online survey sites. But offering the opportunity to earn cash through gift cards or PayPal for your opinion is just the start. You can also earn money through watching videos, searching and using it to do your online shopping. You’ll be eligible for certain surveys based on your profile. As you stay more engaged with the platform, chances are you’ll be eligible for more survey opportunities. 

Cashing out your reward points is also quick and easy where you can choose to receive a gift card to a place you love to shop or have your earnings transferred via PayPal. They often have great sign-up bonuses going on, allowing you to get going with even more cash.  


Add some cash to your digital wallet by completing tasks through InboxDollars. Get paid to take their online surveys that range in getting you between $0.50 and $5.00 for each survey you successfully complete. There are also additional surveys available for higher amounts you may be eligible for based on your demographic profile. 

In addition to surveys, you can also get paid cash for watching videos, earning cashback through online shopping and reading emails sent to your inbox. You can even play games and clip coupons for even more ways to keep cash in your account. They’ll also offer you a $5 signup bonus just for joining the platform, giving you a great start to accumulating your rewards.


Let organizations know your preferences and insights through the opportunities on SurveyJunkie. By sharing your opinion on product lines, you can help businesses develop better products. You’ll create your own profile that helps you get matched with specific surveys that are relevant to you. Surveys are available from any device so you can take your earning and influencing on the go. 

This resource has a low minimum payout amount, which means you can get paid faster. Just reach 1,000 points to be able to cash out for $10. Choose to be paid via PayPal, bank deposit or a wide selection of gift cards. 

Google Survey Rewards 

If you use Google as your primary search engine, you can download their app to share your thoughts on recent history searches. This app provides notifications so you know when a survey is available for you to take. While it may take a little bit of time to accumulate earnings for a payout, as each survey pays a small amount, it’s a quick and easy step you can take in earning. 


By sharing your opinion, you can be an influencer in developing future products and services. Surveys through OneOpinion are known to be easily available and accessible. With a strong customer service team, you can be confident that your experience through OneOpinion will be a productive and valuable one. Just reach the $25 minimum to receive a payout for PayPal, VISA or Amazon gift card. Earning rewards is fast as points are instantly awarded to your account. 

Share Your Feedback and Get Paid 

The internet provides a multitude of ways to earn a little extra cash from wherever you are, whenever you can. By sharing your honest feedback and opinion online through surveys, you can help businesses conduct market research while also earning a little something for yourself. Discover the platforms that are right for you and your schedule and get going on getting paid to take online surveys.

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