26 Seasonal Jobs That Pay More than Minimum Wage


Seasonal work is temporary work done during a busy time of year, like retail sales around Christmas, being a lifeguard during the summer, or harvesting a crop in the fall. Seasonal jobs may pay well but often require long days and flexible hours. The federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour but many states have a minimum wage that is higher than that. Search sites like Cool Works, Indeed.com, and your local newspaper’s website for opportunities near you. Review our list below to find jobs that you can make a quick buck during seasonal busy seasons. 

1. Accountant/Tax Preparer

The IRS and tax preparation companies like H&R Block hire accountants, customer service representatives, and others from January through June.

2. Political Campaign Staff

Working on a campaign requires total dedication for several months before an election but it can be thrilling.

3. Amazon

During the holiday season Amazon hires everyone from warehouse workers to customer service representatives.

4. Flower Shop

1-800-Flowers, FTD, and other flower shops begin their holiday rush before Christmas and it lasts through Valentine’s Day. There’s a surge around Mother’s Day, too.

5. Construction Worker

In climates with harsh winters, construction work becomes a spring and summer job rather than year-round.

6. Childcare

When the kids are out of school for the summer but the parents still have to go to work, quality childcare is in demand. Become a baby-sitter or parents’ helper for one family or look into jobs at daycare centers and summer camps.

7. Lifeguard

It’s not just sitting by the pool. Being a lifeguard is a great way to get a tan but it also comes with a lot of responsibilities.

8. UPS and FedEx

During the holiday season delivery services like UPS and FedEx have a hiring surge. There are a variety of positions available, including drivers and warehouse staff.

9. Landscaper

Most landscaping gets done in the spring and summer, especially in parts of the country with harsh winters.

10. Warehouse Worker

Most retail warehouses hire extra help around Christmas, and some that sell landscaping and construction supplies may also hire more staff during the spring and summer.

11. Mover

The summer is the high season for moving companies and they hire extra staff for packing, moving furniture, and driving trucks.

12. Retail

Most stores, whether they are retail giants like Target and Walmart or a small local business, hire extra help from Thanksgiving through January 1st to handle the holiday shopping rush.

13. Ski Resorts

During the winter and over spring break in some areas, there’s a boom for skiing and other cold-weather sports. Some ski resorts become hiking and mountain biking destinations in the summers, too.

14. Beach Clubs

Once the weather gets warm enough to lie out on the beach, beach clubs need support staff, from restaurant jobs to lifeguards.

15. Festival Jobs

Join the summer festival circuit. Join the staff of one festival and tour the country or plan to work at them individually as they come to your town. Jobs range from security to food service to promotion and accounting.

16. Tour Guide

When the height of tourism season hits your town, get out there and show tourists the sights.

17. Commercial Fishing

Whether it’s lobster in New England, crab in Maryland, or a variety of fish in Alaska, there are peak seasons for the commercial fishing industry.

18. Temporary Office Work

Office workers take vacations around Christmas, during school breaks, and over the summer, leaving temporary jobs open. Apply with temp agencies like Manpower.

19. Farm Jobs

From planting to harvesting, jobs abound on farms from spring through fall. And not all of it is manual labor. Some farms need retail help in their farm stores and at farmers’ markets.

20. Hospitality

When vacationers flood in, hotels and restaurants need help. Be warned, some of these jobs pay less than minimum wage because of the opportunity to collect tips but with different local laws, they are worth looking into.

21. Country Clubs

With golf courses, tennis courts, pools, restaurants, and a busy front desk, country clubs need support staff during their high season.

22. Amusement Parks

The majority of amusement parks operate from spring through fall, with the most demand in the summer.

23. Summer Camps

Find a camp that suits your interests, like art camp or space camp, or go for an overall outdoor experience.

24. Sports Jobs

Summer sports events bring a need for ticket takers, ushers, security personnel, and food vendors at your local stadium or with your local team.

25. Golf Caddy

Once the golf courses open for the summer, they hire caddies and other support staff.

26. Town Hall

Check your town for government jobs from seasonal park maintenance to temporary administrative staff.

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