15 Most Popular Remote & Work From Home Jobs (And How To Find Them!)


Work-from-home jobs are popular and it’s easy to see their appeal. Working from home offers the flexibility to make your own schedule. And the opportunity to work in your pajamas if you’d like.

From an illness that makes commuting difficult to being a college student looking for side income, and from childcare needs to a desire to travel rather than stay in one place, working from home is a valid career choice. Or working from a coffee shop. Or on the beach. The world is your office.

Ready to Get Started?

As with most jobs, what you put into your home-based job is what you get out of it. Many of them require some time making connections before there’s potential for a full-time salary. Most are perfect if you’re looking for a side gig for supplemental income. Search for clients on websites like Working Nomads, LinkedIn, and FlexJobs. Apps like Task Rabbit and Handy.com feature single-task jobs such as running errands and assembling furniture.

Watch out for scams – if a job sounds too good to be true it usually is. Do a quick online search to look for company reviews and ratings. Check your local laws, too for license, permits, or insurance requirements.

This list of the best work-from-home jobs will get you on your way. Whatever your hobbies or your expertise, there’s likely an opportunity to make money from it.

1. Travel Agent

If you often daydream about perfect vacations and you love seeking out travel deals, being a travel agent might be for you. Specializing in destination weddings and bucket-list travel can be especially lucrative. Plan trips for others, then take advantage of your professional discounts see some of those dream destinations for yourself.

2. Virtual Assistant

Everyone needs help and you can provide it. Virtual assistants make phone calls and perform digital organizational tasks. They can also run errands or do chores around the house. Decide how you want to help and then search websites like FlexJobs, PeoplePerHour, and Task Rabbit to see what’s available.

3. Pet-Sitter or Dog-Walker

Doggie daycare and other pet-care services are in high demand. Whether it’s long-term pet-sitting or dog-walking once a day during business hours, there are loads of opportunities for animal lovers to make some money. Check out websites like Wag! and Rover.com for clients in your area.

4. Writer or Editor

Almost everything you read was written by someone who was paid to write it. Someone edited and proofread those words, too. Websites like Upwork and Crowd Content hire writers and editorial service providers. There’s always old-fashioned publishing, too. Mailing lists like Freedom With Writing send out calls from magazines, blogs, and publishers covering a variety of paid writing opportunities.

5. Data Entry

Data entry is still in demand in the digital age and it’s one of the simpler ways to make money at home. It takes attention to detail but it’s one of those jobs that can be done entirely on your own schedule. Start at Clickworker and DioData Solutions.

6. Social Media Manager

Businesses rely on social media to advertise and expand their brands. Use your creative writing and photography skills to create content for Facebook, Snapchat, and other social media platforms. Search sites like Glassdoor and Working Nomad to look for jobs or contact your favorite brand to see if they’d like your help.

7. Graphic Designer

Some people are more creative in the comfort of their own homes than in an office environment and graphic design is no different. With the proper hardware and software it’s a great work-from-home opportunity. Check out websites like Indeed and ZipRecruiter for remote graphic designer jobs.

8. Vacation Rental Host

With more travelers wanting the comfort of a home over a hotel, services like AirBnB, HomeAway, and VRBO have taken off. Whether you have a rental property or travel frequently and want to make income off your empty home when you’re away, being a rental host can be lucrative.

9. Software and App Testing

Hundreds of new products drop daily for our phones and other devices and there’s a high demand for people to test software and apps. If tech is your thing, check out sites like UserTesting and UserZoom to seek out some of these testing and review opportunities.

10. Transcriptionist

Simply turn audio files into text as a transcriptionist. This job requires a decent words-per-minute rate, but those who have a knack for it can make a lot of money. Start at sites like TranscribeAnywhere.com, TranscribeMe.com, and Scribie.

11. Blogger, Vlogger, or Influencer

If you have a passion and a need to share your message, advertisers are willing to pay you to talk about it. From beauty products to favorite foods, there’s a market for bloggers to write about it, vloggers to make tutorial videos, and influencers to share it on social media.

12. Online Teacher or Tutor

Nearly any subject can be taught online. One of the most popular is English. Some students need full grammar and vocabulary lessons. Some businesses hire native English speakers to converse with employees studying English as a second language to improve their skills. Start your search at Tutor.com, Wyzant, VIPKID, or Connections Academy for teaching and tutoring opportunities in a variety of subjects.

13. Customer Service Representative

It takes a lot of patience to do it right, but customer service representatives are in high demand. Many businesses are turning to people who work from home rather than shoulder the costs of a call center. Apply with staffing agencies such as Sykes, VIPdesk Connect, and Concentrix.

14. Event Planner

Organized people who love making others happy make great event planners. Plan weddings, birthday parties, and anniversary celebrations or specialize in corporate events. Someone needs to be in charge of the food, the invitations, and all the other details that come with large events.

15. Accountant, Bookkeeper, or Tax Preparer

Many of these home-based businesses need assistance with their financial records. If you are a math whiz, set up a business to help them. Different levels of services require different professional licenses, so check with your state to see what you need to get started.

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